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ZSM-5 Molecular Sieve

ZSM-5 Molecular Sieve

ZSM-5 molecular sieve is a synthetic zeolite with the ratio of silica greater than the alumina and it has a pore diameter of 5 angstroms.

As its unique and exceptional properties, it can be widely used to convert methanol to gasoline and diesel and is superior to amorphous solid acid catalysts in various reactions such as toluene disproportionation, xylene isomerization, and toluene alkylation. And it also can be used to decrease the freezing point of diesel fuel, maximize production of propylene, and improve the octane number of gasoline.


Alfa Chemistry ZSM-5 molecular sieve is commonly used in

  • Methanol converting to gasoline
  • Aromatization catalyst
  • Diesel Oil Nonhydrodewaxing catalysts: decrease the freezing point of diesel fuel

Technical Parameter

Catalog No.MZSM-1MZSM-2MZSM-3
N-hexane adsorption capacity9.5-10.5%2.1-2.5%11.0-12.0%
Cyclohexane adsorption capacity9.5-10.5%1.9-2.3%9.0-10.0%
Water adsorption capacity9.0-10.0%1.5-2.0%7.0-8.0%

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