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10X Molecular Sieve

10X Molecular Sieve

10X molecular sieve, an alkali aluminosilicate, is of the type X crystal structure with pore diameters of less than 9 angstroms. The chemical Formula of 10X molecular sieve is 4/5CaO·1/5Na2O·Al2O3·(2.8±0.2) SiO2·(6-7)H2O. It is an absorbent which can remove H2O, H2S and CO2 in liquid and gas, as well as for paraffin separation. This molecular sieve desiccant is mainly applied in gas adsorption and refining liquid paraffin, removal of sulfur compounds, nitrogen compounds, organic acids, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.

10X molecular sieve can be regenerated for reuse by pressure swing purging, usually at elevated temperatures.


Alfa Chemistry 10X molecular sieve is commonly used in:

  • Removal of arene, nitride and sulfide in oil refining facility
  • Removal of traces of nitrogen oxides and light hydrocarbons (such as refining of paraffin, purifying liquid paraffin with gas phase absorption method) in air purification unit

Technical Parameter

Catalog No.MS10X-1MS10X-2MS10X-3MS10X-4MS10X-5
Bulk density (g/ml)≥0.64≥0.64≥0.68≥0.65≥0.65
Wear ratio (%)≤0.4≤0.4≤0.2≤0.2≤0.2
Crushing strength (N)--≥70/piece≥30/piece≥45/piece
Static H2O adsorption (25°C, %)≥20≥20≥28≥28≥28
Water content (%)≤1.5≤1.5≤1.0≤1.5≤1.5

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