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Mixed bed resins are a mixture of cation and anion exchange resins. During service, liquid flows through this resin mixture. The cation resin will attract positively charged ions, such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, manganese and potassium. The anion resin will remove negatively charged ions, such as sulfates, chlorides, carbonates, bicarbonates and nitrates, etc.

Typical mixed bed unitFig. 1 Typical mixed bed unit

Typical Applications

Mixed bed resins have the advantages of the followings: excellent and stable effluent water quality, little effect of intermittent operation on the quality of effluent water quality, obvious exchange end point. And they are mainly used in the water purification to achieve demineralized water. For example, they can be used in the following two industries:

  • Power energy industry

Condensate water treatment system of thermal power plant is very important, as it relates to the safe operation of the whole water vapor system and it can prevent corrosion and scaling of thermal equipment. The same as in nuclear power industry. Water treatment in a nuclear power plant is extremely critical as it correlates to various issues associated with equipment corrosion, scaling, their safety and maintenance, corrosion of reactor fuel rods, radioactive contamination, etc. Therefore, it is important to use the finest quality of ion exchange resins, which can provide the right feed water that maintains high level efficiency all over the plant.

Thermal power plantFig. 2 Thermal power plant

  • Food & beverage industry

Food grade mixed bed resins are especially suitable for the use of demineralization of potable water and process water in food applications, polishing after primary demineralization systems, and demineralization of service water in small units, e.g. laboratories, household appliances (dishwasher, steam irons, air humidifier).

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