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Metal Teller Rosette Ring

Metal Teller rosette ring is made of many enlaced cirques, and it is stamped with a thin sheet of metal, stretched into a specific calendaring mesh, the surface into a regular diamond-shaped mesh. Due to its special structure, it has the advantages of  high liquid storage, big voidage, low pressure drop, sufficiency gas-liquid contact, low weight and so on.

As a leading manufacturer of metal random rings, we offer a wide range of metal Teller rosette rings which are made of quality stainless steel or carbon steel.



Materials: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper Aluminum, Titanium, etc.


High flooding point


High crushing strength and easy to operate


High loading capacity


High separation efficiency


As the multiple rings structure, the liquid holdup of metal Teller Rosette ring is high, which makes liquid to be held up for a long time. Thus, the contact time of gases and liquid is increased. And it can be widely used in washing towers, cooling towers, desulphurization towers, deaerator, drying towers and de-carbon towers, as well as facilities for sewage treatment.

Dimension and Packing Properties

Catalog No.D*H
Specific surface
Void volume
Bulk quantity
Packing factor

* More products can be customized

We manufacture metal Teller rosette rings for various applications. To place an order or request a quote, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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