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Metal Cascade Mini Ring

Metal cascade mini ring, also named as metal ladder ring, is a new kind of random packing with rectangular windows, and it is improved based on the Pall ring. This new kind of structure improves the ring's mechanical strength. The lower aspect ratio (1:2) and the special structure lead to the vertical apreferential orientation, and this orientation allows a less restricted flow for the vapor, resulting in increased capacity while reducing pressure drop. Besides, metal cascade ring has the advantages of high capacity, good fouling resistance and low pressure drop and can be used in many  industrial fields.



Materials: carbon steel, SS304, SS304L, SS410, SS316, SS316L, etc.


High resistance to fouling and high temperature resistance


High crushing strength and easy to operate


High flux and low pressure drop


High separation efficiency


With rectangular openings, curved blade, conical edge and reduced height, the design of metal cascade mini ring greatly promotes the renewal of liquid membrane's surface and strengthens cascade ring's mass transfer performance. And it can be widely used in desulfurization and decarbonization system in fertilizer factories, separation and absorption of crude distillation units and others.

Dimension and Packing Properties

Catalog No.D*H*T
Specific surface
Void volume
Bulk quantity
Packing factor

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