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Adsorbent Resin

Adsorbent resins are the designable macroporous polymer adsorbents which combines the principles of adsorption and molecular sieve to concentrate and separate organic substances. There are different types of non-functionalized (no surface modification or ion-exchange ability) polymer matrices for synthetic adsorbents: aromatic polystyrenic or polydivinylbenzene, and aliphatic methacrylate. Adsorbent resins interact with molecules in different ways depending on the surrounding conditions such as heat, pH, competing molecules, solvents, etc.

For maximum adsorption, the adsorbent resins should have high internal surface area with high porosity as controlled pore size distribution maximizes the surface area, while the pore diameter must be large enough to enable the molecules to migrate to the adsorbing surface hidden within the pore structure of the resin.

Typical applications

Adsorbent resins are commonly used in the pharmaceutical field, in the field of plant extraction, and in the beverage industry. Specifically, they can be used in the following areas:

1) Juice decolorization, odor removal, citrus debittering, and removal of pesticides.
2) Separation industry of enzymes, amino acids, and peptides
3) Adsorption of phenol and substituted phenol from aqueous and non-aqueous streams.
4) Plant extraction industry.
5) Organic wastewater treatment and organic VOC gas treatment.
6) Adsorption of active components in fermentation broth.
7) Antibiotic purification industry.
8) Surfactant removal.

When choosing a suitable adsorbent resin, hydrophobicity, capacity, elution, porosity, resin matrix and particle size should be taken into consideration.

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