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Ceramic Cross Spherical Ring

Ceramic cross spherical ring is a new type of high-efficiency bulk packing. This product with special structure is produced by continuous extrusion process, which makes it very effective in many chemical industries. At the same time, fluidized bed which is mainly a circular arc structure has very little resistance to the flow of vapor and liquid, thus the radial diffusion is low, and the productivity is improved.

Ceramic cross spherical ring has excellent acid resistance and heat resistance and can be used in high or low temperature conditions.



High chemical stability and high acid resistance


Excellent heat resistance


Larger inner space for higher mass transfer efficiency


High mechanical strength


Energy saving, low operation cost and easy to be load and unload


As its excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and special structure, ceramic cross spherical rings is widely used in the drying tower, absorption tower, cooling tower and washing towers in chemical, metallurgy, coal gas, industrial oxygen production industries, etc.

Chemical Composition


Physical and Chemical Properties

Acid resistance>99.6%Specific gravity2.25-2.35g/cm3
Alkali resistance>85%Moh's hardness>6.5scale
Water absorption<0.5%Thermal conductivity0.9-1.0W/mK
Porosity<1.0%Operating temp.920-1100°C

Size and Packing Properties

Catalog No. D*T
Specific surface
Void volume
Package density
Packing factor

* More products can be customized

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