Plastic Random Packing

Plastic random packing is a kind of filtration materials which is made of plastic. And it can be loaded into packing tower to optimize surface area over which reactants can interact while minimizing the complexity of construction of such columns.

What We Offer

Alfa Chemistry can offer plastic random packings in a wide range of specifications and sizes which have high chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, good mechanical properties, high abrasion resistance and low water absorption. The types of plastic random packing what we can offer are as follows:


Compared with ceramic random packings, plastic random packings have lower specific gravity, thus they can offer higher capacity and lower pressure drop.

Compared with metal random packings, plastic random packings can be used in corrosive applications with low to moderate operating temperature.

Besides, plastic random packings have the advantages of high mechanical properties, large void space, energy saving, easy to load and unload, high flux, high mass transfer efficiency, excellent corrosion resistance.

As the advantages mentioned above, plastic random packings are often preferred.


It is because of their so many advantages that plastic random packings can be used in various applications, such as absorbing tower, degassing system, liquid-liquid extraction system, water treatment, heat transfer, etc. And plastic random packings can be widely used in the packing towers in petroleum industry, chemical industry, alkali chloride industry, coal gas industry and environmental protection, etc. The main applications are listed as follows

  • CO2, SO2, HCl, HF, Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan absorption or stripping
  • Chlorine drying
  • Odor control and VOC removal
  • Decarbonation and deaeration
  • Waste-water treatment
  • Drinking water preparation
  • Fish farming
  • Humidification and dehumidification

As a leading manufacturer of plastic random packings, we have the expertise in the operational requirements and compliance and standards of many different industries across the globe, we can help you choose the best product for your requirements. To place an order or request a quote, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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